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What is eBud Canada?

eBud Canada is an aggregate of various mail order marijuana websites in Canada. We provide a price comparison and multiple options for customers looking to purchase marijuana and cannabis related products online.

What’s an affiliate program?
While many of the popular mail order marijuana websites have affiliate programs, most don’t know what an affiliate program is.  An affiliate program allows bloggers and website owners to subscribe to an affiliate program which is a software or platform that integrates into your website.  Approved affiliates will receive a commission every time they refer a paying customer to your website. Affiliates can track of their online sales through your affiliate program’s dashboard. When affiliates reach a set commission threshold they are paid.

How to get listed on eBud Canada?

If you would like to have your online marijuana dispensaries products listed on our store you will have to meet the following criteria:
1. Be a Canadian company or be able to ship to Canada
2. Have an affiliate program for us to link to
3. Your affiliate fee must be greater than 10%

NOTE: eBud Canada will partner ONLY with marijuana websites that have an affiliate program. If you are an online marijuana company in Canada and would like your products listed on eBud Canada then contact us.
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