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Refund Policy
How to refund:
For refund requests please include photos of all the items you have received.
Step 1:
Take a photo of the packaging materials and the packages.
Step 2:
Take a close up photo shipping label.
Step 3:
Please send all of the photos you’ve taken along with your ORDER NUMBER using:
We very rarely have a problem with getting our customers their products. Regardless, here is our policy:
If a shipment gets lost, stolen or goes missing somehow, we will notify you and offer the option for a 1 time reshipment. Such offer is valid once for each patient. There won’t be any exceptions to this refund policy. If you are ordering a large amount of product and feel nervous about losing a package then please break up your shipments into smaller quantities and multiple orders.
A patient will only qualify for a refund if the medication wasn’t received in full; has to review a refund case before issuing refund. This review will under normal conditions take 7-10 business days.
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